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Adobe Acrobat Reader/DC – it’s FREE and is the ONLY program the template files will work in.
YES – As long as you use Adobe Acrobat Reader you can type over my sample text, change the font sizes and colors or delete text.

NO – The text will not be editable on a phone or tablet, you will need to edit the file on a computer or laptop.

As long as you open the file using Acrobat Reader the fonts will be embedded.

NO – The file is locked so you cannot make changes to the graphics or background colors.

If you take a screen shot you could email the invitation to guests, however, the quality will not be suitable for print.

US Letter (8.5″ x 11″)/ A4

If printing at home – the thickest your printer can handle – otherwise 110 lb (300 gsm) on bright white Cardstock for invitations, 60-80 lb (150-200 gsm) is suitable for most of the designs, however, I do suggest following the printing recommendations I have for each individual file.

NO – The files you receive are PDF not JPG, which is what a photo lab requires.

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